Different kinds of food.

There are many different kinds of pet food in the market right now, but which to buy depends on how much we can spend.

We will explain you about their difference but not with the intention of you buying us the most expensive brands.
For more than we would love to feed our animals with the best quality food available, we are happy to just have food to feed them.

On the right hand side of the screen you can see the brands we prefer from the low cost ones. We base our preference in side-effects such selecting brands that do not make them vomit. The best quality ones we show you are those we prefer for different reasons; especially, nutritional facts and country of origin.

Click on the Healthy Bone to see the products we are talking about.

Now, click on the Not Healthy Bone to see the name of the Bad Ingredients. Ad Soya to this list. We suggest you to google these ingredients.