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cat in hay
We have like a dozen of these warm and dry houses in our colonies. 
Ten cats live in this coloy.
station with plexiglass
branches for station
This beautiful house has been recently donated to us and it is in a forest were dozens of cats needs refuge because it is very cold up there. We have two othere small houses in there, but we urgently need more houses for this colony.
Nineteen cats live in this colony.
station completed
These cuties are Lidia and Ian, two of our young volunteers. They love to help us with the feeding stations. This dog house is nice and dry, but because the door was too wide we just left a triangle in the top covered with lose plastic and a hole for them to escape on the side.        
This is house is in another of our feeding stations.  
These small ones are important for the cats that sometimes prefer to be alone. However, the roof needs to be longer. This one in particular we use the torch to insulate the roof because it is flat.
We are always in need of styrofoam large cubes to place under the houses with legs as in the feeding station's example.
This shelter was made for a group friend and we like it. It has shingles covering the roof, two holes in the front and a hole in the back. The holes are covered with thick plastic which it is very important due to predators. The majority of the cats do not on inside if the shelter does not have an exit door.
We found this model online and like the brown one beside this one we can lift the roof to change the straw. The roof has shingles and it has two doors with thick plastic on them juust like the cat door in our homes.   
station and trail
inside station
This gorgeous condo is in Turkey, country where cats are respected and well take care of.  
This house is in Italy where the country has laws protecting cats.