War Zone Kittens.

The kittens we will see on this page came from an extremely large colony of forgotten cats. Three years ago, some evil person threw two pregnant mothers in front of someone else's property and that it is how everytihng usually starts.

The onwers of the property took care of finding homes for the kittens of the first two litters, but six months later two more litters arrived. Six months later 6 new mothers were pregnant and at this point, the retired husband told the wife, "no more, I want them all out of here". His wife was really sad to let them go, but the number kept increasing and increasing. In addition, they could not find a another animal rescue group who would do the trapping and caring of the animals. she did not want them to be euthanized. Some of the kittens needed medical attention and blood tests and so did the mothers.

Therefore, the telephone rang in our shelter and without doubting one second, Lori, Anthony and Margarita flew to the rescue.

We came back with 6 preganat females and 8 kittens. Two kittens died and the others 6 went to get tested against Feline Leukemia and Feline Immune Virus. Fortunately, all the tests came back negative and all the fleas, worms and lice found on them were also killed.

The temperament of these kittens is very docile because the lady who took care of them did the best she could to provide love to these little angels. She cried and cried when we were taken them away.Soon we will go see her to tell her the good news that the kittens are now healthy and getting adopted by families with young children.

Our work at her property is far from finished, we still have to catch a couple dozens more of young adults and males.