The Twins' story.

These two cute boys came to our orphanage together with their sister, Star, and with Sally. A sweet couple of elders were spending all the little money they had to feed the feral moms and kittens on their beckyard. The elders' house was in a very busy road and the kittens risked to get run over by a car or hurt by the not too friendly neighbor's dog.

However, because this rescue was outside our Sooke boundaries and we did it just as a favor to the grandparents of one of our whispers' best friend, we asked another of our friend foundations for help. We shared the amount of cats needing to be removed from the property.

The Twins nowadays called, Charlie and Jack, were adopted by a great mom, Barb, and live in 5 wonderful acres as luxurious barn cats. These two boys were so well tamed that they melt in our arms, the Whispers did a terrific job.