Tulip's story.

Tulip is one of the so many kittens abandoned at the Sooke disposal landfill. She was abandoned together with her brother at a very young age.

When we first started our work at the dump we did not know these two brothers existed. However, to our surprise, the day we were trying to catch the other feline family we got her as a gift.

The fact of her walking by herself so easily to the food ignoring the metal trap around her led us to the conclusion that the poor angel must have been starving for long time.

She was and still is very skinny and terrified of human contact. It is going to take; approximately, from one to two months of love, patience and talking to her before being able to rebuild her trust in our kind. The wounds caused on her little heart by her owner's abandonment have been intensified by the constant surviving battle she had to endure under the: rain, cold, hunger, clouds of cement and sand, and fear of predators and big trucks.

She has been already spayed and is now recuparating at her foster mom's home. She is sweet, timid, tameable, and easy to love. She has big orange eyes bright as a Tulip.

On June 18th, 2012, Tulip has been adopted together with Lancelot. They now live in a farm in West Saanich, have very good parents and chickens, horses and dogs friends to play with them.

A Happy End