Cleaning blackberries, stingy needles, burried metal,broken glass, and rotten wood from driveway.
The driveway before
Andrew and Dan digging burried metal cables from driveway


Jasmine's one week of burrying things to please our landlady
Jasmine Excavating donated 3 weeks of work to do us the drainage and driveway. Butler Brothers donated the gravel and rocks.
Preparing the land to drain.


No more flood inside the barn
Drainage all around the barn
Harry and Dan replacing rotten wood.


Seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
Randy and Harry framing the barn's section where the cows used to eat.
Eric and Peter cleaning the chicken coop.
We had just broken glass and rotten wood as windows and now we have new frames and windows. Thank you!
Frame and plastic up, wall ready to build up the wall.
Joel completed the job by uploading the wall. Good job, guys!


Anthony cutting wood for the upstairs window.
Girls we are strong too, Kai and Diana spreading gravel on the wet gound.
Garnet putting up a wall
All the whispers came to build the rabbit pen.
The pen's roof.
The rabbit's pen completed.


Jasmine's employees placing the poles for the cats' pen.
Anthony making the frame for the pen's roof.
Aliisa, Quinlin, Diane, and Lori putting insulation.


Ciara, Diane and Kai came to help us build the rustic fence
Our lovely fence which need to remove because the landlady did not like it. .
Kai and Aliisa putting up the fence destroyed by our landlady.
Faber and Jacob carrying wood to the burning piles.
Jacob has been an active volunteer in this project.
Sofia and Autumn organizing all the construction materials laying around.


Wayne fixing walls
Margarita, Jocelyne and Tania while they were fixing the nursery
Bert insulating the cats' room, which is freezing.


Jay had to do 2 concrete walls to prevent the rain from floading the barn.
Daniel doing the fence's holes.
We had only 2 hours to prepare 22 poles, thank you Jay and Dan
Jocelyne and Stephanie
Jeannie, Tania and Grace