The abandonment of one no-sterilized feline will start what is known as “a cat colony”.
After 60 days of a cats’ romantic full moon night on top of a roof
malnourished kittens will be born into the "new" cat colony.
The cats' cycle of reproduction will proceed unless we, humans, help these poor animals
by spaying and neutering them.
It is a community collective effort and our responsibility
to prevent cat overpopulation.
Some cat colonies can have more than 100 cats in just one place.

old station
cat in hay
This was our first station which it was getting always wet. It had no palette underneath and it was opened in all 4 sides.
This is maman, the oldest cat in this station. I had replaced the hay the week before and had found her there when I arrived. She stayed near me the 4 hours I was there.
new station
station next step
We have found this strong and nice not too tall, not too short coffee table; the perfect size to put a lot of hay.
We have placed it in top of a palette, a piece of plywood and closed two sides of it.
station with plexiglass
branches for station
On the side we have had added a second table which has a shelve and it is closed in both sides. This 2nd table we use it to place the food.
A great 5 ft piece of plexiglass covers the shelter's entrances perfect protecting them from the rain.
We have stappled long lasting - strong leaf branches on pieces of plywood to place them on top of the tables.
station completedOil
We have created two pieces to place one on each table. This is how they look individually.
We have put more branches in front of the station to hide it from the public.
Please, be aware that some humans hurt the cats and destroy the shelters.
station and trail
inside station
We have placed 2 x 8 boards hammered on top of 2 x 4 around the shelter for the cats can sit down instead of being on the wet humid ground.
We cover them with hay and change every month.
We have left bags of food for our volunteers to pick up.
This is how it looks the shelter from the front.
Last, we have created a second little box on the side where we store plates and water bottles for those volunteers who have no car. We try to maintain the place clean and tidy to do not attract unwanted attention.