Romeo's story.

It was on June 2012 when we completed our rescue mission at Sooke Disposal. we have saved a black and white mother with 5 kittens, two other black kittens and an adult Siamese.

In August of the same year, when we found out that the site would become something else we went there to investigate about the two cats left as rodent hunters. Our new mission was to catch them and find a new home for them. However, to our suprise we discover that evil has visited the place before us; pet owners have discarted two more kittens in the dumpster.

Romeo and Titten were the new victims to the cruelty act. Titten was easy to trap while Romeo resisted to get near us. The shock he had suffered made him terrified of people, but things changed once he got to the vet clinic. The girls at the vet called us to let us know he was a real sweetheart and not at all a feral. We let him relax at the orphanage for a week and in that same week he was adopted.

His new owners, a mom and her two teenage sons, had just moved from up island and were looking for a new pet to share their lives.