River Kittens.

This is another successful story of a family of kitties we found abandoned at 2 km deep inside of a really far away forest. The woods where these poor animals were thrown is the favorite spot from many people who come from Victoria to hike, to walk their dogs and to simply spend a day of adventure. The sounds of a river nearby is peaceful and inviting even if this Eden is inhabited by bears and cougars.

This extraordinary calm environment was what brought a local resident, Chris, who owns 2 wonderful German Sheperds to this part of the wilderness. What he could never imagine was that during his relaxing promenade before going to work he will become a witness of what we have been telling all along about people abandoning defenseless animals.

How could Chris or any other noble and decent human being like him can ever imagine that some people feel no remorse art all in abandoning a pregnant mama cat, or a mother with tiny kittens where they cannot survive?

Sadness and worry for the kittens was what led Chris to us. From this day on him and his adorable family became part of our FURRY FRIENDS` FAMILY. We achieved to catch the mom, dad and their 2 kittens. Chris got the father and the babies and we got the momma.

River, the dad, is petrified by fear of humans.

Creek is a sweet girl, but the abandonment completely traumatized her. We have seen this happening before. Her rehabilitation is possible, but it will take several months. Her psychological wounds made her extremely sad causing her to loose all her milk.

A friend of Chris and his wife has a farm and he is adopting them both. Pictures to come later on.