Prince's story.

The poor Prince was abandoned outside the door of his house by his previous owner when he moved away. We do not know for how long he tried to survive by himself on the wilderness with no food and shelter. The only thing we know is that his face was half eating by a terrible infection when he was surrended to us by a nice couple.

The new tenants at the house where Prince used to live brought him to us. They cared for him and would have loved to keep him. Their problem is that they already have a cat with eating disorders. They think she will stop eating if they bring another cat in the house.

Therefore, Prince stayed in a foster home while recuperating from his infection and it was at that moment when he met Jasmine, a dear friend of us. Jasmine fell in love with him right away and adopted him the same day.

He now has a sister, a black female cat which went through the same situation than him years ago.

James, Jasmine's husband, is now Prince's love, he follows him around whereever James go. He has a cat door to go in and out from their fenced backyard, but he does not go far. He loves to stay around perhaps in fear of loosing again the people he loves.