Pickels' story.

During the spring of 2011 a single dad moved to our town. The first thing he did when renting the place was to bring a really cute kitten for his son to play with on weekends.The kitten was adorable and even played ball with his young owner.

However, by the next fall the dad and son moved away leaving the kitten on the road. Some ugly man moved to the house where the kitty used to leave and constantly chased the kitty away.

It was breaking heart to see the poor defenceless young animal going back and forth to the house in search of the little boy and dad. But one day, he started to hide and to become scared of humans.

It took us several weeks to be able to get near him and to seduce him to go in the trap. Finally, we achieved to actch hime and to take him under our custody.

Nowadays, his name is Pickels and he has been adopted by an adorable couple who love him dearly. More pictures coming soon.