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Rose and Pedro's story.

At the end of January 2013, a couple who live far away in the wilderness called us asking for our intervention. Somebody had dumped two adorable 2 month old kittens in the forest behind their home at the beginning of December and they wanted us to find a home for them. They fed them and allowed them to sleep in their garage for as long as they could, but due to health problems they could not provide adequate care for them.

Therefore, that was how we got these gorgeous and sweet babies. The poor things were terrified when we got them, but after a couple of weeks in the warm surrended by just cuddles and attention they gave up the fear.

By miracle, the phone rang and it was Andree and Steven asking if we had a kitten to adopt because they had recently lost theirs and they were really sad. You will find the picture of the happy day when they came to meet Rose and Pedro. Four days later, we took them to their new forever home.