Nando Kittens.

This is a beautiful story of the survival skills of a kitten called, Nando. This tiny little angel and his siblings were abandoned by their young and unexperienced mother under a shed located in 5 acres of land.

Their mother is one of the siblings born from the first female who was dumped like trash at Monica and Reg's land at 70 km away passing Sooke. The Angora kittens and the Canada Day kittens are cousins of Nando's family. In other words, we rescued the entire family of 19 cats and still have to catch Nando's mom.

Nando was the first kitten who decided to do something for him and siblings instead of stay still and die. Although he must have been terrified by leaving the shed alone in the middle of the night he went out crying for help. He cried night and day until Monica heard him and asked Reg to go search for him. Reg found him the next day and broght him to us while he kept searching for the rest of them. Three days later, Reg called us to give us the good news that they had found 4 more, but that one was already dead.

The pictures below are from Nando's first day with us and with his cousin Venus and from the first day his siblings arrived.

Why did we called him Nando? Margarita had a good friend when she was around 15 years of age called, Nando Parrado who years later had had one of the worst accidents in human history, the plane where him and his rugby team were traveling fell on the Andes mountains. Nando and Roberto were the two boys who adventured on the freezing temperatures and isolated mountains in search of help. Thanks to them the rest of crew survived.