Missy's story.

Missy is a beautiful Sharpe-Pitt-Bull girl who three years ago was saved by her owner from a puppy mill located in an Indian Reserve in the district of Saanichton. Since the day Danny rescued her, and even if he suffers from Autism-Asperges’Syndrome, he has been taking care of her to the best of his abilities. However, months ago, at the same time when Danny and Caroline, his fiancée, had their first baby, Missy became very ill.

The skin around her eyes was penetrating inside her eyes caused by the typical wrinkles of this particular breed. Surgery was the only solution we had to stop the frequent infections on her eyes. We first took her to one of our local veterinary clinics and put some cream on her eyes to alleviate the pain. We we were told this was just a temporary solution and that her operation costed from eight hundred to a thousand dollars. We did not have money and Danny had previously called everywhere for help without success. At that point, seeing how Missy could barely walk and how much weight she was losing in addition to her skin infection with poignant smell, such as Brew's, our founder got on the phone to beg many foundations for help. Sadly, nobody cold help Missy except the Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders who gave $120 and the founder of another foundation who covered the rest of the bill. Thanks to this lady, who we adore, Missy is nowadays healthy and happy reunited with her family.

Now, all we need is to find donations of Hypo-Allergenic food to keep providing for her.