Milou's story.

Not long ago, concerned animal lovers came to our office worried about a female cat which had been used for breeding. Apparently, the cat's owner was using her to make money selling the kittens in Used Victoria. The ones she could not sale were dumped in the forest, said the neighbors. The same day we flew to the place indicated by the neighbors and we met the poor cat.

However, because one of our policies is to help without judging, or criticizing others we knocked at the door and let our card to the lady's babysitter. A couple of months later, the cat's owner called us to pick up Milou, the last kitten she could not sale. We asked for the mother because we wanted to spay her, but rumors say, the angry neighbors have made her disappeared.

When we went to pick up Milou we found out she had been left alone in the house for almost two weeks. When we finally saw her fleas were jumping from all over her body and she was completely infected by worms and mittes. We applied medication right away and spent an entire night in the bathrooom removing her fleas with a thin comb.

Today, Milou has a wonderful home with her 7 year old owner, Chantal. Milou was her birthday's gift.