Marbally-Pebbles's story.

Marbally and Pebbles are 5 years old siblings. Her owner surrended them to us because they are not adjusting to having a baby around the house. He is just 10 months old and the girls get nervous when they see him coming straight up to them playing with heavy plastic toys. In addition, the little angel is showing traces of being allergic to the girls. The family loves them and has taken excellent care of them. They are indoor cats.

This is what the mom has the say about their personalities:

Marbally - She is a very sociable cat. She loves people and has recently decided to become a lap cat (sometimes). She is a jumper, and loves to play with string. She loves boxes and crinkly paper. Extremely curious with a very soft meow. Loves to lay in the sun.

Pebbles - She is very shy, but once she gets to know you she loves to be in your lap. Likes to be held, sleep on you if you let her and is very playful. She loves to play with bottle caps and will play fetch for hours. She's also very talkative.