Lily and Mog's story.

Lily, is Marley's sister, one of the kittens saved from the wilderness.

Thanks to the Whisper's she could be rehabilitated and adopted out by a loving mother, Cristin.

Cristin also adopted Mog, another little girl from the mountain, but which has a different story. Mog was the left over kitten from a kitten mill. In a trailer park down the mountain live a very evil couple who are breeding feral female cats to sell the kittens in Used Victoria and other online retail websites. The couple in question know we are spaying/neutering the cats in the area to prevent their overpopulation, but because there are no bylaws to stop them they have the right to refuse our intervention. Althought the landowners of the park asked us for help there is nothing we can do to stop the unfair breeding of these poor cats. The left over kittens are kicked outside the door and they drag themselves up the mountain where our feeding station is. Mog was one of these abandoned kittens.

It took the girls a while to get from under the blanklets, but as we can see in one of the pictures they are now curiously observing the outdoors from their patio window.

We must say that Cristin, who is our new secretary, is a real animal lover. Her patience and devotion have been like the touch of an angel to the kitties.