Leo's story.

LEO is looking for someone who could love him as he is. All our members are in love with him because he is one of the sweetest boys we have ever met. He is one of those beings who are loved by everybody; he is kind, generous, angelical and a great buddy. He comes when we call him and is always attentive to our needs. In other words, he is like a little dog.

However, what happened to him is not fair. He was abandoned in a reserve when he was a tiny kitten together with his siblings.

Tammy, his previous mom, took excellent care of him until recently when she asked us to take him to see a doctor. She was worried he had something stuck in his throat.

The doctor's diagnosis was much worst that what Tammy thought, Leo had contracted Lung-worms. With just one doses of medication the worms were all dead, but the damage caused by so much coughing had caused him a chronic respiratory condition. The larynx tissue has been destroyed and he is now a very fragile teenager. He gets tired very easily and sometimes we think he is not going to be able to breath.

Leo needs a mom or a dad who can love him unconditionally as he will love them in return. He is less than a year old, neutered, dewormed, defleaded, and has all his shots.

It was so good to find a forever home for our dear Leo. His health is so delicate that just the fact of him jumping on the stratching poles with his cousins was causing him fatigue and lack of air going into his lungs. However, when Gayle, his new mom talked to us on the phone we instantly knew she was the perfect match for him. The next they both of his parents went to buy him a lot of toys and are now in love with our little angel boy.

We are really thankful to his parents for their compassion and good hearts!