The landfill cats' story.

This is one of the so many sad stories we see lately, consequence of our present economic crises. Pet owners are abandoning their loving and faithful companions because they cannot afford their food or veterinary bills.

However, what is disturbing from this particular case is the way this pet owner abandoned the animals. According to gathered facts, the man or woman who used to own this family of 4 black and white, 2 young Siamese and 2 young black kittens perfectly knew he/she was committing an act of animal cruelty.

In the middle of a cold January night, when nobody was around and when the cameras at the landfill could not reveal its identity this person dumped the trustful pets as if they were stinky trash. However, if this act of cruelty itself was not enough, the mother and father cats with their 5 kittens were left at the entrance of the Butler Brothers cement and sand product's field. Like that all of them could perhapos die under the wheels of the heavy trucks.

Why could he/she give them to one of the so many animal welfare groups in Saanich or Victoria, we would like to ask?

Nevertheless, who are we to judge? We do not know the family's situation. All we know is understanding and that we are here to help now. Our mission is not to blame, but to heal and to teach our children better ways of treating animals. As a community we will work together to prevent more tragedies like this to happen.


On May 24th, the skinnier one of them was rescued, operated and later adopted by a beautiful parent. His name is Jaxen and you can read his story in our "Rescued and Adopted" page.

On May 31st, we trapped Arthur and Tulip and took them to their foster homes.

On June 13th, we catched Lancelot. Him and Tulip are going to their forever home tomorrow.

Arthur, Ray and a black one are for adoption. You can see their pictures and perhaps adopt one of them. You can also become a foster parent or sponsor one of them.

Any donation is important. We have a PayPal button in our Contact Us page; or your can send as a cheque, or make a donation to the Sooke Veterinary Clinic, in Sooke.

Thank you very much for caring for animals!

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