Garfield's story.

We do not know when Garfield was abandoned by his owner, but he was in very sad health conditions when we found him.

After a week in our care and after that he came back from the vet an elder lady adopted him, but 2 days later she returned him back to us. He had been recently neutered and the fact that he was asking to go outside all the time disturbed her.

A week after the return, a very nice lady adopted him, but her husband did not care at all about cats and let him lose on the 2nd day.

There was Garfield back again on the road under the rain and cold weather. Lucky for him, the home was near the place where he was first abandoned and we could catch him back.

At this point we said, "no more" and we took him to the home of one of our members' home where he would be able to relax and live forever. Everything was going well and everybody was loving him because he is a real sweet old boy, except the Chihuahuas who did not stop bugging him. Garfield only wanted the couch to be cozy near his new owner, but the Chihuahuas jumping on it scared him really badly. Terrified he showed them his claws and for it lost his new home.

Then, on February 2, Garfield met his new loving mom, Amy, and went to his forever home.

March 3rd, 2013, unfortunately, his new mom just called us to let us know that she would like to return Garfield. Her apartment is too small for this active fellow and because he sleeps all day he does want to sleep at night. She loves him, but her apartment is too small.

Therefore, here we are again, sad for the poor Garfield, but we are not giving up. At the moment he is with one of our faithful foster moms and she is in love with him. This is the advice she is giving to those cat parents who would like to adopt him,

"he is a door bolter, so appartment living or someone that can set something up so he wont run out will be needed."

There is his foster mom's option, or our alternative/wish to find him an indoor/outside home in a very large property. Where he will be able to lay down with his owners on the couch after an exhausting day of chasing mice away. He becomes really scared on the streets.

Garfield, as many orange cats, loves to talk.