Stewart College' s Volunteer & Amabassador Camp

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8 little elves came down from heaven to bring joy to our animal rescue orphanage in June 2014. They brought so much joy to our kittens and to us that we have no words to thank Christina and Randy Stewart from sending them and from noticing us!

The day was louder and busier than usual and it was also really happy and bright. For 2 days our worries of not having enough volunteers to cuddle our rescue kitties dissapeared. These beautiful angels left us with an unforgettable and touching memory of love.

In addition, to all the cuddles and snuggles the little elves were happy to help us count the bottles people give us and to pack the food for our pet food banks.

The last day, the children told Margarita they loved her back and made her cry with a donation of $91.75. They had worked very hard selling pop corn and they had made her cards. They offered her the best day of the year!!! The money was deposited in our Coast Capital "Land Account" to one day buy the society's own piece of property.

On Margarita's name and in the name of all of us we want to thank their sweet teacher Alli and her friend Sarah, the owners of the college, all the children, and the parents who so well educated them.