Dolly's story.

Letting Dolly go to her new home was very hard to us. The poor angel came to our orphanage last summer from a very sad situation. She was just one year and a half old and had been pregnant 3 times. She was skin and bones and terribly lonely. People were chasing her with no pity and she was desperate running from one side to the other carrying her kittens.

However, after teaching her how to trust a human being and to explain to her that love and cuddles feel good, if was difficult to make her understand that we are just a rescue home and that we needed to find her real parents.

Therefore, on March 12, 2013, Dolly went to her forever home. Her new mom, Ashleigh, just told us that during her first night she was terrified, but we know that she has all that it takes to protect her and to love her. Ashleigh, her grandma and their 13 year old doggie are the dreamed family Dolly deserved. Thank you, for giving this so fragile girl a place to call her own. Please, take good care of her!