Deene's story.

Her real name is Houdini because she is an expert in escaping, told us her owners, Charlene and Rick.

We have met them while were at our station downtown Victoria feeding the cats in one of our colonies. That was the day when we discovered that Deene’s owners were both in chemotherapy; that they lived in Sooke and that they needed help with their pets. One week later, and after we visited them, we started to cry. We could not believe how their neighbors or somebody they knew did not run to help them.

At this point, we decided to start calling all the existing animal foundations in search of financial support. The Greater Victoria Animal Foundation gave us a voucher for $60, but it was a wonderful lady who does not want to be named who helped us pay the $2000 veterinary bill from both dogs.

Therefore, all of us together with Margarita’s two children, Daniel and Kai, we were able to work out a schedule to take Deene and Brew up island to see their veterinary. Deene had an open wound on her back where the meat was coming out and she needed immediate hospitalization. Charlene and Rick had called everywhere before and nobody could help.

Nevertheless, although the pain Denne must have been enduring she acted like I proud queen during the entire one month process. We picked her up two days after her operation and had to visit the doctor in two other occasions.

Nowadays, she is healthy and really happy with her family. We took her to Kemp Lake not long ago where she could run free. When we visit her she runs to our cars and jumps inside through the window.

She loves to go for walks and needs a human friend who can walk her sometimes.

She is an adorable girl.