Charles' story.

It was in the fall of 2012 when my previous owner decided to abandon me outside alone before the winter. He/she had seen my rescuers feeding the feral cats at the dumpsite and took advantage of the situation.

I was so scared and cold by the weather and the deception that I did not even dared to get closer to a human again. The Safars' girls seemed nice, they talked to me and told me I could trust them. But how could I? My heart was broken in thousand pieces and I did not know where to hide from the rain or to sleep at night like that I could feel better.

  At the dump were all different kinds of creatures I have never seen before. I had to fight against an entire family of raccoons to get one piece of food. Luckily, the girls removed them all and I could eat start eating again. After they came all those hungry birds who used to feed from the dump and who where now chasing me; the girls had to start feeding them too. Later on, the bear came along and made a mess in all my feeding station. At that point I just gave up and decided to follow my savior's advice and get in the cage she brought.

In conclusion, if Safars would not have rescued me I would have died. That is what happens when people abandon their animals like my owner abandoned me.