Candy's story.

Candy is an adorable kitten which not long ago used to live in a cat colony in the wild. We rescued him two months ago together with his sibling, Felix, and his cousin Leo.

From the two brothers Candy is the submissive one. From the start he allowed us to touch him and he melts in our arms once we have him. He is a real sweet boy.

The person who would like to adopt him needs to be patient in gaining his trust. Out here in Sooke the cat situation is so sad and overwelming that we do not have too much time to tame him more. All kittens and cats that have been abandoned to survive on their own and that had suffered due to many different reasons are in need of learning how trust humans.

Therefore, Candy finally found his own family and him and us are really happy with it. It could not have been better. Thank you, Marilyn for adopting him and thank you Karres and Fillini for being so good to him!