Canada Day Kittens.

Our third family of feral kittens just arrived. We are very happy because the mother had hidden them and we thought we had lost them. These babies are cousins of the ones we called Angora. Their moms are 3 sisters born from a couple of kitties an evil pet owner dropped a 35 km passing Sooke.

On July 1st, 2104, we got Mr. Bean and Venus who were hissing and scratching like little panthers while we were deworming and defleaing them. After 4 days they are much calmer now and soon they will be joining their cousins in our kitten nursery.

On July 2nd we got their mother and she is back from the hospital already. She was really exhausted and is enjoying the peace of now having to worry protecting her babies.

On July 4th, we got the second girl in the litter. She is a real sweetheart who abandons herself in our arms. We called her, Serena.

On July 12 we capture the dad of both families.

We still have to capture a third mom with her babies. How can people be so cruel to trash tiny and defenceless animals in the middle of nowhere, eh?