Brew's story.

Brew is Deene’s dad and Charlene and Rick’s old friend. He is a magnificent German Sheppard of 12 years of age who was not spayed when we met him. It was very difficult to walk with him because before the operation we went flying after him during our walks.

Brew had a terrible ear infection in both sides. He also had a devastating skin infection with a very nasty penetrating smell. He also had several lumps on his back as a result to the infection. The day we took him to the vet the poor baby vomited during the entire trip back home. He is old, fragile and adorably cuddling.

He is one of the most grateful dogs I have ever met.

If you are a man and would love to walk Brew sometimes he will be very grateful to you. His owner, Rick, just got a heart attack and he can walk him too far. You are going to fall in love with Brew!