Arthur's story.

Arthur was one of the kittens which was thrown out by his owners to the Sooke disposal landfill.

Arthur's dad was a Siamese and his mom is Vicky, a black and white pretty girl.

Arthur is 11 1/2 months and has been already neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and deflead. He is used to the litter-box and it is presently living with his foster mom and sister.

The fact that his owners abandoned him in the middle of the winter is not just the worst part of it. The garbage landfill where they had to survive as kittens is located right in front of the Butler Brothers' Cement and Sand products' truck entrance. In other words, the kittens were left there to die.

Arthur has 4 black and white siblings: Jaxen, Lancelot, Tulip, and Ray. While we were trying to tame him we used to see him cuddling with his siblings, which means he has a loving temperament. At the moment he is in panic under a refrigerator, but his foster mom says she feels he is more relaxed.

We are adding you pictures of all Arthur's capture to the day we took him to the vet. The person who would like to adopt him needs to patient in rebuilding his trust. The owner's abandonment causes deep wounds of incomprehension in an animal, but with love and care we can create miracles. His foster mom is doing a great job with him and we cannot thank her enough for her work.

Arthur likes to observe us, he is very intelligent, elegant, delicate, and loves to share with other cats what he has. He deserves to find a forever loving home and parents, him and his siblings went throught so much pain already.

Latest news, Arthur's foster mom just told us that he just came out from behind the refrigerator where he had been hidding for the last 10 days. He is not as scared as in the beginning.

June 22nd, 2012, was a big day for me. I had to say goodbye to my foster mom and sister, even if it broke my heart to live them, but I had to go meet my new dad. I now live in Jordan River in five thousand acres of land.

A Happy Ending...

I cannot forget to mention the special treatment I received at the Sooke Veterinary Clinic
and neither can I forget to thank all those who donate money, products and time to me!
I will carry you in my heart forever!