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can change the life of street pets

A HOMELESS DOG, in Victoria, BC

Our partnership with emergency shelters and transition homes is dear to our hearts, it unables us to help the pets of the less fortunate citizens in our society, the homeless, the disabled, or the elderly low income families.

People daily ask us, why have we partnered up with organizations downtown Victoria when our homebase is in Sooke. The answer to this question is divided in three parts first, we cannot close our eyes to the pets' homeless situation. The actual economic crisis is making families abandon their pets and sometimes this pet belongs to a child or to a disabled person. Second, our West Coast forest has become the favorite pet dumpsite of city visitors. People unjustly believe that domesticated animals would survive in the wilderness. Third, one of our society's goals is to pass the torch of protecting animals to the new generation.

Therefore, two years ago, Kai Yates, one of Safars' co-founders, who lives downtown Victoria started the program on the streets carrying a heavy bag of food and supplies during her lunch break or after work. In many opportunities, she came back home frustrated with her lack of success in finding the pets which most needed the food. At that point, our board members brought to the table the idea of creating an alliance with another charity group already located in town. Having a place for SAFARS to distribute food means having a better chance to reach our targetted group and to help many more hungry animals.

Extending our boundaries to homeless pets will help youth understand the need of pet food banks to help families. Our animal therapy program, the Feral Kitten Whispers, helps youth by planting seeds of empathy within them whilst participating in animal welfare issues. Our young whisperers will be helping Kai distribute the food to the homeless community and low-income pets. By having youth interact with the street community and their loved animals they are also practicing kindness and compassion. We envision that the youth who become a part of this project will gain confidence and strength, which will in turn help them confront discrimination and bullying.

The Boneless Project will not only encourage our youth to grow into caring adults, but it will provide support to the beloved pets of those less fortunate. All of the donations received go right back into our community to help the dogs and cats that need it most.Please help us by donating cat food, dog food, and accessories for pets (rain and warm coats, dog sattles, Revolution flea control, leashes, and collars).

To sponsor a pet, or to contribute to our program with dog/cat food, flea-treatment, pet medicines you may have and not using, gas gift certificates, or cash donations please, look in our Contact Us page. We recommend you to do not drop food or cash donations to a place other than the one specified in our project, please. Our phone number is 778-352-2999.

Monetary donations can be conveniently donated via PayPal or via e-transfer to


Boneless Project.

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or by cheque to the Sooke Animal Food and Rescue Society to PO Box 344 Sooke, BC V9Z 1G1.
On behalf of all of us at SAFARS, thank you.

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Before asking you to sponsor some of the pets on this page we want to assure you that we have conducted an investigation about how the animals are treated, about how much their owners love them and about their needs.
We found out that: dog licenses, saddles for the pets to carry their own food, bowls and blankets, warm raincoats, and good quality wet and dry food are the things they most require. The dogs you can sponsor at the moment through our website are: Jadie, Angel, Alice, and Nola.
Angel's raincoat was donated to us by Kara, one of our sponsors, and it used to belong to Willow, her beloved friend.




Skiddels with his owner, Tanner. This cutie was the No.1 star today!
Hi, I am Jadie and I was 5 months old on this day. My dad loves me very much.
Hello, I am Angel. Do you know? My dad is a very nice man who loves me very much!