Jaxen's story.

Jaxen was one of the kittens which was thrown by his owners to the landfill as if he was just stinky garbage.

He was the most skinnier from all 6 kittens. We also believe he was getting bullied by an old poor and hungry cat which has been living there for very long time. Each time went to visit them Jaxen was the only one sleeping alone all curled up in a little ball as if he was freezing. Just looking at him was breaking heart; we wanted to grab him in our arms to warm him up.

However, before trapping him we decided to build up a certain trust with him and his siblings. We took turns to go twice at day to feed them and to talked to them. On May 24th we trapped him and took him to his foster family, to Barb and Peter's house, for a couple of days. We thought that by doing this the experience of going to the vet would be less traumatizing for him. We were right, the day of the operation he was less afraid of the new world around him.

In the meantime, while he was with his buddy Peter, we searched for good homes for him and the others. That was how we met Sky, Jaxen's forever mom. In order to bond with him and to introduce him to his new brother, Sky had taken a week off.

On May 28th, 2012, Sky came to pick up her little new angel-kitten to take him home. His new brother had recently lost his sister from old age and was needing a new happy fellow to play with him.

Sky just told us that he is adapting very well and that the expression on his face is like a big thank You, thank you, thank you!

The Happy End!

I cannot forget to mention and the special treatment I received at the Sooke Veterinary Clinic
and neither can I forget to thank all those who donate money, products and time to me!
I will carry you in my heart forever!