Jasmine-Winkie' Story.

Jasmine and Winky grew up together with Pumpkim and Oreo, the tow bunnies rescued from Uvic. They used to belong to a family with a dad, 3 children and 3 dogs. However, after that a new human member joined the family the 4 furry friends could not stay in the house any more due to allergy problems.

The girls did not take well the moving and needed a calmer place than the orphanage to heal their broken hearts.

At that moment, our dear foster parent Paul offered to love and to protect them until we could find a forever home for them together. Paul is an adorable foster day who took excellent care of the girls during the entire winter, but in the spring he usually goes to work in another province.

Therefore, at the beginning of January 2013, the new mom, Meghan, came to visit the girls and fell in love with both of them.

Meghan has 2 young children who are now Winky and Jasmine's new owners.