Felipe and Lou-lou

These 2 young kitties had a rough start in life. They were living in a dumspter in a place without fresh water or any kind of food other than garbage. The entire colony which for many years kept multiplying together with 2 very contagious illnesses had been ignored until we decided to intervene.

We have heard about their poor conditions by other animal rescue group, but nobody - anybody cared enough to go save them.

On the other hand, some people were taken profit of their misery and buying their ill kittens at $5 from the children who could catch them. These kittens were taken to an animal rescue group which just rescues the animals people bring to them, or the ones people give away in used Victoria and other cyber places.

Therefore, after two years of effort and labour we could finally obtain the full and only authorization to work in the place; until today we saved 70 animals. Many had to be euthanized because their advanced stage of Lungworms, Leukemia and/or Campylobacter. Many others we were able to tame them and found loving homes for them.

Felipe and Lou-Lou are 2 of the ones we got this year. They spent almost two months in our shelter and their taming progress was extremely gratifying. When Sarah and Alex adopted them we were already feeding them with our hands. They had learned to trust us.

Their young new owners have a little farm and are committed to complete the taming process. We were so touched when we arrived to their home for the first time and saw the installation they have build for them even if both work full time downtown Victoria. They live beside 600 acres of forest in a place with abundant water around them.

Are they more to save up in that mountain? Yes, our job is not yet done, but we ran out on gas money to go there every day. It costs us between $20-30 in gas every day to go feed them and after to try to catch them. We are terribly sad we cannot continue helping them. If you feel like us and want to collabrate in their rescue in any way you can, call us, please. Our Phone number is 778-352-2999. If you are able to donate financially, in our Contact Us page you will find all the different ways of contributing. We are a charity and if you provide us with your name and address we will send you a tax receipt. A video of this rescue will be soon posted.