Raphael used to belong to a lady who loved him, but who sadly, could not afford to pay her bills and had to leave all her animals behind her when she moved away. Some of her neighbors were not very nice to her and instead of helping her with cat food they preferred to criticize her. The day she disappeared, 4 months ago, the animal authorities were called to trap all the 12 animals, but Raphael was not there.

In extreme fear he had escaped to hide until he was almost dead. Due to his sensitive personality and to the high-pitched metal noise of the traps shutting down he remained terrorized in a corner somewhere for several months. This sad event occurred in the middle of the winter and a dear friend of us just fund him a month ago.

On the first hour of him arriving to our orphanage he drank 2 double cups of water, ate with desperation and hide under the blankets. Since this day, which it was 3 weeks ago, we kept a close eye on his health and evolution. He has been eating four times at day, still drinks a lot of water and came out from under the blankets.

He is not scared of dogs, he is sometimes really afraid of other cats and he stretches his arms toward us asking to be hug and loved. Raphael is sweet, tolerant, kind, gentle, cuddling, and panics of the outside world. We would like to see him go to a home where he can continue recuperating and where he is not going to be exposed to the dangers of wildlife. He is a fragile 5 year old. Tomorrow, March 28, he is going to one of our beloved foster moms to be together with Luna.

Luna, who used to be a feral cat is now playing with toys thanks to her love for Garfield, her present companion. However, Garfield finally found his forever home and Luna, in order to find her's needs more time to heal from her fear of human beings. Poor Luna she is going to be broken heart, but hopefully, Raphael will be able to show her that loving some humans is ok.